Who I Work With

My clients come from all walks of life, yet all of them have two things in common:

  • They feel stuck with their problems
  • They’ve had enough of being stuck and want to find a solution


Over the years I have successfully helped my clients overcome a diverse range of emotional concerns, which include:

  • Addictions
  • Anxiety / Anxiety Attacks / Panic Attacks
  • Anger Management
  • Bulimia
  • Depression & Depressive States
  • Guilt
  • Insomnia
  • Jealousy
  • Low Self Confidence
  • Low Self Esteem
  • ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Men’s therapy
  • Phobias & Fears
  • Relationships
  • Social Anxiety & Discomfort
  • Stress


If your concern isn’t listed above, this doesn’t mean I cannot help – contact me and we can discuss your requirements and how I can help.

In fact many of the problems presented by my clients don’t fit into a common diagnosis. CBT is a versatile method of working through emotional concerns and finding long lasting solutions.

I promise you my 100% attention & commitment to helping you find solutions to your concerns, and creating positive change.

Call me now, complete the contact form below or e-mail me today to book an appointment.

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