What My Clients Say

I’m very grateful for the feedback which appears below.

These testimonials have been volunteered by former clients and organisations I have worked with, and communicated to me directly via letters, e-mail, social media and my online business listings.

Please note: I don’t ever request testimonials or feedback from my clients – my professional membership and ethical code prohibits any soliciting information beyond the scope of helping my clients. I never expect reviews or feedback.


“Attending CBT and getting things off my chest has been enlightening in many ways. I felt you were always perceptive and sensitive to my needs and picked up quickly on areas where I needed more encouragement and support to grow and to develop. Thank you so much Steve, I have really valued our time working together.”


“Stephen you were so easy to talk to and had a very natural and respectful manner when you challenged some of my harshest self-criticisms. I really appreciate your help!”


“After having many other therapy sessions over various times in my life, you were the best by far and always gave the impression it was when, not if, I would get back on track.”


“Even before our first session you helped me understand how this works in simple language even I could understand, and it all made sense. I didn’t feel like I had to pin my hopes on a miracle – just work hard and the results would follow. I’m proud that I got control of life back and fixed my relationship.”


“You were very patient and understanding with my stress and feeling low, and you helped me through this period with sincere assurances. Thanks and enourmous gratitude.”


“I would like to say how grateful I am for the help you have given me. I am so pleased I took the leap and came along to see you. I would certainly recommend you to anyone feeling anxious and drained. I can fly, go on buses, go on the tube and trains and it is such a non-event. Thank you and good luck for the future!”


“I really can’t thank you enough for what you did for me. The longer it’s been since I felt low and depressed the more fantastic it seems to be free of it. Best wishes Steve.”


“I am thankful to Stephen for taking the time, both during sessions and during the week to help me find the last pieces of my jigsaw and helping me overcome all my mental hurdles.”


“Thank you for your help and reassurance, I left our sessions feeling yes, yes I can do this and held my head high and focused on positive and confident thoughts.”


“Many thanks to Stephen for all his support and encouragement, the environment was very healing and allowed us both to be honest.”


“I found the sessions useful and worthwhile. I didn’t think it would work, and came to shut up my husband. But I’m so glad I did and your interventions were well received.”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed your reflective thinking and comments about what’s going on, and I love the new tools and techniques you taught me.”


“It feels very calming when things get going and I realised I was becoming more the person I want to be, and your honesty has helps liberate myself from the shackles that bogged me down for too long. You really inspired me, heartfelt thanks.”


“CBT helped me through a difficult period and your encouragement and intelligence made me view things in a more realistic way. I would recommend you to anyone who wants a worthwhile service.”

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