Men’s Therapy on Skype

  • Are you a man struggling with life?
  • Do you feel frustrated and stuck?
  • Would you like help learning how to change?

I can help you

Even at the best of times, life isn’t always straightforward and easy is it? Life has a way of throwing up challenges and keeping you busy.

If that wasn’t enough to deal with, the strain of having to cope with personal concerns can drive us into an uncomfortable and often isolated place.

“I am happy that I decided to take the leap and get some help. I would highly recommend Steve.” – Ross, client.

Be yourself, not an expectation

Being a man isn’t easy – it’s hard. From the day we are born, our gender decides what “norms” society imposes upon you and what kind of a person you should be. For example the assumptions that somehow we men are supposed to be the stronger and more dominant sex, and because of that we should man up, deal with things and face our problems alone.

Ask yourself – why are these assumptions in any way considered fair or reasonable? In the modern world, they aren’t. I meet men from many walks of life who just wish to overcome their concern, move on and have a fair shot at succeeding in life.

Don’t struggle quietly

If you are struggling, I genuinely believe CBT Therapy is a useful way to help you overcome your concerns. Whether you are struggling with a concern rooted in the past, a problem which is unfolding right now, or you have fears and anxieties about the future, I can help you.

The therapy I use, CBT, isn’t about digging up the past and endlessly analysing it and looking intrusively for hidden meaning. Whilst CBT will acknowledge root causes and what may be driving a problem, the work I do is focused on teaching you how to change right now.

My approach is tailored to you

My approach is as unique as the person I work with, so I’ll find the right way to work with you.

Perhaps you just want to talk on a general level about your concerns and get things off your chest – no problem.

Or perhaps you would prefer to really get stuck in and learn to master some self mind control and coping techniques – no problem.

Or perhaps a mixture of the two? We’ll work out exactly how you will best respond to learning to change, and keep on working at it – I won’t give up on you.

Things can be different

Whilst learning to change isn’t always simple and straightforward, it certainly can be done. Time and time again my clients report back that in retrospect, the hardest part of therapy is getting started.

Sometimes it can be a big step to admit that there is a problem beyond your control, and seeing a therapist may seem intimidating. I would suggest that if you’ve made it to this webpage then you’ve probably made a decision on some level that enough is enough, and that it’s time to take action.

“I found the sessions extremely interesting and helpful in finally overcoming my worries.” – Harvey, client.

What happens next

Take a moment to consider your needs, and how you would like to change – how would you like life to be different.

If you decide you’ve struggled long enough and now’s the time to change, take the next step.

Complete the contact form below, or send me an e-mail and we can discuss your requirements and arrange your first appointment.