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Please read this page carefully.

To book your appointment, do one of the following:

✓ Call me on 0800 046 3265

✓ Complete the contact form below

✓ E-mail me at

After each of your sessions I will e-mail you a comprehensive set of notes, tailored to your needs, which will include in depth information about what we discussed during the session, and simple step by step action points to work on.

If you have any questions between sessions, we can keep in touch via telephone, or if preferred, Skype video calls just to ensure you stay on track.

How many sessions will be required?

CBT is designed as a brief therapy, and as such it’s not a therapy which will drag on for years. Although I don’t know your exact concern, in most cases clients will take between six and ten sessions to get back on track.


The cost is £80 per 1 hour 15 minute session.

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