About Me

I’m a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist based in Worthing, West Sussex, who helps individuals overcome their emotional concerns.

“I’ve grown, changed and improved myself so much since working with you – it has been a truly remarkable experience.” – Megan, client

I love the work I do. It’s a privilege to be able to facilitate and witness the transformation of my clients as they learn to overcome their concerns and reach their desired outcome, often with a new found a sense of control and confidence.

I have utmost faith in people’s ability to make positive changes – this is not based on hope or theory, but by witnessing it happen time and time again. Many of these people truly believed they were beyond help and stuck with their problem.

“I’m feeling well and now look forward immensely to going wherever my life leads me!” – Jessica, client

I’m always seeking new knowledge and insights, with the intention of finding simple and effective ways of treating complicated issues many other therapists shy away from.

“Thank you for helping me to see myself for who I am.” – Samantha, client

Why choose me?

✓ I’m a CBT Specialist

I work exclusively with CBT – it’s my speciality. Whilst others may only be certified in CBT and use it here and there with other approaches, I work exclusively with the CBT approach and framework.

✓ I offer longer sessions

Most therapists work on the 50 minute “hour” basis, often abruptly ending the session in order to beat the clock. My sessions are 1 hour 15 minutes – 25 minutes longer. We get more done per session, and you get better value for your hard earned money.

I offer out of session support

Following each session, I will always write up and e-mail you comprehensive and easy to follow notes detailing what we discussed, and what you need to work on between sessions. You will always be certain about what you need to do between sessions.

I’m always available

Your progress matters to me. Unlike some other therapists who charge for contact between sessions, I’m always available free of charge between sessions for a catch up telephone call or Skype session.

Thank you for your interest in my services. I promise you my 100% attention & commitment to helping you find solutions to your concerns, and creating positive changes to your life.

Call me now or contact me today to book an appointment.

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